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Monetize Your Beats: Get Paid When Your Music Is Used on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook

Monetize Your Beats: Three Ways to Get Paid When Someone Uses Your Music

Are you a music producer looking to monetize your beats and earn money when others use your music in their videos? Airbit Creator Hub, Identifyy, and DistroKid offer three powerful ways to monetize your beats on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get started with each platform and start earning revenue from your music.

1. Airbit

Getting Started with Airbit Creator Hub:

  • Sign up for an account on if you don’t have one already.
  • Ensure you have at least 10 beats in your account.
  • In your Airbit Dashboard, go to Monetization > YouTube Content ID.
  • Fill in the application form with your basic details.

Submitting Beats for Monetization:

  • You can submit beats for monetization by checking the “Submit to YouTube Content ID” box when uploading your beats.
  • Alternatively, select your existing beats in Monetization > YouTube Content ID and click the green +Submit button.

Managing Your Monetization:

  • You can remove beats from monetization if needed, for example, if you sell exclusive rights to a beat.
  • Manage your claims by releasing or reinstating them based on the user’s license and usage.

Payment and Earnings:

  • All Content ID payouts are made via PayPal at the end of each month for the previous month’s earnings.
  • You keep 80% of all revenue earned via Content ID.

2. Identifyy

Getting Started with Identifyy:

  • Sign up for FREE: Create an account on Identifyy and upload your music. This step is crucial as it allows Identifyy to identify and claim your music in videos on social media platforms.
  • Verify your music metadata: Ensure that your music metadata is accurate and up-to-date. Submit your recordings and complete the required onboarding questionnaire to provide Identifyy with all the necessary information about your music.
  • Complete the onboarding process: Once your music is approved, Identifyy will start identifying, claiming, and monetizing your music in videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

How Identifyy Monetizes Your Music:

  • YouTube Content ID: Identifyy is powered by HAAWK, a team of YouTube Certified Content ID specialists. They will help you gain control over which third-party videos are allowed to remain up for monetization and which videos you’d like to take down.
  • Facebook Monetization: Facebook has rolled out music monetization on its platform. Eligible music creators can earn income when their music is used in videos uploaded to Facebook, captured in Facebook Stories, or performed during Facebook Live broadcasts.
  • Instagram Monetization: Instagram also permits eligible music creators to earn income when their music is used in uploaded videos, stories, reels, and live broadcasts.

Getting Paid with Identifyy:

  • Revenue Share: Identifyy works on a revenue share model, meaning there are never any out-of-pocket fees. You’ll earn revenue from the videos that use your music on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

3. DistroKid

Getting Started with DistroKid:

  • Sign up for a DistroKid account if you don’t have one already.
  • Upload your music to DistroKid.
  • Opt in for YouTube Content ID: DistroKid offers an optional YouTube Content ID service for an additional fee.
  • Submit your music for YouTube Content ID: Once opted in, DistroKid will start monitoring YouTube for videos that use your music.

How DistroKid Monetizes Your Music:

  • YouTube Content ID: DistroKid will identify videos on YouTube that use your music and monetize them by placing ads.

Getting Paid with DistroKid:

  • DistroKid will collect revenue from YouTube and pay you through your DistroKid account.

Start Monetizing Your Music Today! Sign up for Airbit Creator Hub, Identifyy, and DistroKid to begin monetizing your beats on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. With these platforms, you’ll gain valuable insight into the usage of your music on these platforms and have the opportunity to earn income from your music.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to monetize your beats on social media platforms. Sign up for Airbit Creator Hub, Identifyy, and DistroKid today and start earning revenue from your music!

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