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How to customize Beatstars Licenses

How to customise Beatstars Licenses

  1. Login to BeatStars: Access your BeatStars account using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Licenses & Contracts: Once logged in, go to the “Licenses & Contracts” section. This is where you can manage and customize your licenses.
  3. Select License Type & Name: Choose the license you want to customize or create a new one. Enter a name for the license (maximum 60 characters, alphanumeric characters only).
  4. Set Prices: Set the minimum offer price and default track price for the license. These prices will be used for new track uploads unless specified otherwise.
  5. Enable License: Decide whether to enable the license for use.
  6. Choose Files to Deliver: Select the files that will be delivered when this license is purchased. Options typically include tagged MP3, untagged MP3, untagged MP3 + WAV, and untagged MP3 + WAV + track stems.
  7. Provide a Brief Description: Write a brief description of the license. This description should give customers an idea of what the license offers and who it’s suitable for.
  8. Feature List: List the features included in the license. For example, you can specify that the license includes an MP3 file, allows for the distribution of up to 2500 copies, allows for 300,000 audio streams, etc.
  9. Customize Contract: You can customize the contract further using the “Quick Customization” or “Full Customization” options. These options allow you to set the number of distribution copies, number of free downloads, number of audio streams, number of music videos, number of non-monetized video streams, number of monetized video streams, broadcasting rights, number of radio stations, and more.
  11. Save Changes: Once you have customized the license to your liking, save the changes.
  12. Review and Publish: Before publishing the customized license, review all the details to ensure they are correct. Once you are satisfied, publish the license.



This agreement is made and entered into on {CONTRACT_DATE} between {PRODUCER_ALIAS} (hereinafter referred to as the “Producer”) and {CUSTOMER_FULLNAME} (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”).

  1. LICENSE GRANT: Producer hereby grants to Customer a non-exclusive license to use the instrumental track titled “{TRACK_TITLE}” (the “Beat”) for the purpose of creating a new musical composition.
  2. RIGHTS GRANTED: This license allows Customer to distribute up to {DISTRIBUTE_COPIES_WORD} copies of the new composition, make {NUMBER_OF_FREE_DOWNLOADS} free downloads available, and stream the new composition up to {AUDIO_STREAMS_WORD}.
  3. PAYMENT: Customer agrees to pay Producer the sum of {TRACK_PRICE_WORD} for this license.
  4. TERM: This license is effective as of the date of purchase and shall continue in full force and effect until terminated by either party.
  5. GOVERNING LAW: This agreement shall be governed by the laws of {STATE_PROVINCE_COUNTRY}.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this agreement as of the date first above written.


Beatstars Variables

  1. {CONTRACT_DATE}: Transaction date
  2. {PRODUCER_ALIAS}: BeatStars display name of the producer
  3. {CUSTOMER_FULLNAME}: Customer’s full name
  4. {CUSTOMER_ALIAS}: Customer’s artist name
  5. {CUSTOMER_ADDRESS}: Customer’s address (when available)
  6. {LICENSE_NAME}: Name of the license
  7. {FILE_TYPE}: File types included in the license
  8. {TRACK_OWNER_FULLNAME}: Track owner/seller’s full name
  9. {TRACK_TITLE}: Title of the track
  10. {DISTRIBUTE_COPIES_WORD}: Number of distribution copies allowed (in words)
  11. {DISTRIBUTE_COPIES}: Number of distribution copies allowed (numerical value)
  12. {TRACK_PRICE_WORD}: Price of the track (in words)
  13. {TRACK_PRICE}: Price of the track (numerical value)
  14. {AUDIO_STREAMS_WORD}: Number of audio streams allowed (in words)
  15. {AUDIO_STREAMS}: Number of audio streams allowed
  16. {PERFORMANCES_NOT_FOR_PROFIT}: Number of not-for-profit performances allowed
  17. {PERFORMANCES_FOR_PROFIT}: Number of for-profit performances allowed
  18. {MONETIZED_MUSIC_VIDEOS_WORD}: Number of monetized music videos allowed (in words)
  19. {MONETIZED_MUSIC_VIDEOS}: Number of monetized music videos allowed
  20. {NONMONETIZED_VIDEO_STREAMS_ALLOWED}: Number of non-monetized video streams allowed
  21. {MONETIZED_VIDEO_STREAMS_ALLOWED}: Number of monetized video streams allowed
  22. {IF broadcast_rights = ‘No’}: Conditional statement for “Broadcasting Rights” settings
  23. {ENDIF}: Conditional statement for “Broadcasting Rights” settings
  24. {NUMBER_OF_RADIO_STATIONS}: Number of radio stations allowed
  25. {STATE_PROVINCE_COUNTRY}: State or province and country where governing law is applied
  26. {PUBLISHING_RIGHTS}: Publishing rights based on seller/buyer agreement (applies to exclusive licenses only)

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