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Never worry about Production Quality Again. I provise music production services such as Beat Making, Recording, Mixing and mastering. 

I have been in the music production scene since 2009. The experience that I’ve gained is unmeasurable. The passion that i have for music is real, every song touch, i put my soul into it. 

But I only got 1 Requirement , JUST MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE FIRE!

For now I’m only offerings studio time services only in 🇿🇦South🇿🇦 Africa Johannesburg. 

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Dr. Lissa Jenn

Dermatology Specialist

12 years experience


Studio Time W/Reggie Beatz does not limit you to anything.  

Limited Sessions Per Week. Before booking 

Healthcare partnerships

Frequently Asked Questions

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In terms of beat making, i specialise in HipHop. In terms of recording, mixing and mastering, i work with all genres. 

My studio is not a public studio, once you book, i will send you the address to the location but it is in South Africa, Johannesburg.